New Video!

Insprired by Anh’s trip to Europe, here’s a clip of a tune from Norway. Hovstaden is a traditional Norwegian tune taught to us by our friend Guro Kvifte Nesheim at Ethno Sweden. We taught this tune to Dan Bui (mandolin), Bach Bui (fiddle), and Ricky Mier (who didn’t make it into this video) during our stay in Boston.

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Website Updates

We’ve added new sections to our website. Check them out!

Reviews – Articles and reviews written about us

Press Kit – Downloadable photos, poster templates, album art and more

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2015 Sneek Peek

We have finished up the last of our shows and are resting up for a busy new year! Here`s a little peek into our plans next year:

– Official Showcase at Folk Alliance 2015 in Kansas City, MI
– Australia/New Zealand Tour – Thank you to Canada Council for helping us out on this one! More info to come soon.
– More touring in Canada and the US – Stay tuned for more information.

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A Holiday Gift!

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Thank you so much for your support over the last few years. Have a great holiday and a Happy New Year!

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HomeRoutes Tour Announced!

Our HomeRoutes tour has been announced!

November 15 – Mississauga, ON
November 18 – Woodstock, ON
November 19 – Alma, ON
November 20 – Tottenham, ON
November 21 – Georgetown, ON
November 22 – Guelph, ON
November 23 – Pontypool, ON
November 25 – West Guilford, ON
November 26 – Val-des-Monts, QC
November 27 – Navan, ON
November 28 – Ormstown, QC
November 29 – Stanstead, QC
November 30 – Ottawa, ON

For more information, please visit our tour page, or email us at

Bombz Spread Out

“Ready Bombadils? Operation Divide and Conquer is ready for fruition.”

“Ready. Luke and Sarah, you hold down the fort here in Toronto and keep your eyes peeled for any new developments or some equally vague superhero jargon.”

“Alan and I will hit Brooklyn and see if we can’t spread the word a little farther.”

“Great plan! Don’t forget this gallon jug of kale smoothie and the Twisted Pine EP.”

“Regroup for some house concerts in precisely 3 weeks SEE YA”

ps. If anyone wants candy from Mr and Mrs Bombadil on Halloween they should trick or treat on Marion Street.



Our first week in Toronto as a band was marked by litre upon litre of kale smoothies and an entirely successful weekend-long excursion to Folk Music Ontario’s annual conference. We rehearsed our tiny toes off in preparation all week and were delighted to be met with open ears from all. Between showcases of our music, speed networking sessions, and panels on marketing and visa applications, we had the chance to hear and jam some great music and share a few kale smoothies with other attendees.

bombz fmoThanks to Mike Bourgeault for the sweet shot!

September in the Northeast

Leaving behind only the instruments we didn’t need and the scent of burnt rubber, The Bombadils tore out of Montreal on September 5th carrying with us a bag or two each and fond memories of the recent years spent therein. 16 shows lay waiting, as did time off in a variety of cities to garner some inspiration and generally get pumped up. Our first stop after a quick succession of performances was Brooklyn, New York, where we had the honour and pleasure of hanging out and jamming with some of bluegrass’s finest as well as stuffing ourselves with bagels and spring rolls for four days. A few more shows came and went after which we found ourselves in Boston, Massachusetts for another four days: to the tune of more honour and pleasure (not to mention the breakfast tacos and 10 cent wings), we spent the week with our friends from Cat and the Moon and Twisted Pine seeing shows and learning tunes – keep your eyes peeled for a music video we shot that week! More performances and at least twice as many friendly faces lead us through the remainder of our New England circuit into Nova Scotia, where we were fortunate enough to be featured at the Deep Roots Festival in Wolfville. Late night pub shows and jam sessions, an early morning Pete Seeger tribute concert, and a host of friends both new and old made this an incredibly exciting and rewarding weekend for us. A few more shows lead us into Halifax and then we made the long haul back to Toronto where we’re happy to be resting our bones and writing new music for this bit of future ahead of us.

Cooking With The Bombadils

- Breakfast tacos: Heat some miniature soft tortillas, scramble some eggs, cook some rice or beans if you like, and prepare your favourite veggies (we like baby spinach, diced tomatoes, fried asparagus, and steamed broccoli). Combine proportionately and load on the hot sauce for the perfect lazy-morning filler-upper.

- Next time you make popcorn, try coconut oil instead of butter!

- Anh’s van-famous Vietnamese spring roll sauce: 2 parts water to 1 part fish sauce is going to make the base. From there add pressed garlic and something sweet (usually sugar but try maple syrup for a cross-cultural extravaganza!) to taste, then squeeze half a lime and finely dice a chili pepper. The spring rolls themselves are even easier: our favourite ingredients are vermicelli noodles, baby spinach, tuna, cucumber and/or carrot sticks, but pretty much anything goes. Fold it all into rice paper, dip in the sauce, and enjoy.

- Quick tip from Alan: Anyone can get used to instant coffee.