Time for Change

Dear friends,
As you know, we’ve been really lucky over the past few years to play with two really incredible musicians, Anh Phung and Alan Mackie. It’s been a total dream making music together, growing together, learning, meeting new people and traveling to new places. We are so grateful for all we’ve shared and now the time has come for a change. Anh and Alan have decided to pursue new adventures and will no longer be playing with The Bombadils on a regular basis.

The opportunity to collaborate is sure to appear once again, but until then watch out! These two are spectacular human beings and we can’t wait to see what they do next. You can catch Alan Mackie supporting artists such as Coco Love Alcorn, Sarah Jane Scouten, and Jaron Freeman-Fox. Hear his original music with The Robert Flood Octet: https://goo.gl/HO3PGE. Anh appears on that album as well. You’ll surely find Anh sitting in on shows with an unlimited number of groups in every musical genre possible, including Kalmunity Jazz Montreal, Yann Perreau, and Obatala. As a dynamic duo Anh and Alan will be performing musical jokes and ditties under the moniker Hairbrain, or is it Hairbrained or Harebrain? That’s the thing… who knows!

We (Luke and Sarah) will continue to perform as The Bombadils both as a duo and with a lineup of guest musicians. In the near future we will be performing with Spencer Murray (flute, whistles, pipes), Kaitlyn Raitz (cello), Alec Spiegelman (bass clarinet, clarinet, flute), and founding member Evan Stewart (making a comeback on the upright bass). We look forward to collaborating with them as we explore new sounds and arrangements. We’ll be introducing them to you in the weeks to come!

Much love,
Luke and Sarah

Upcoming events:
OCTOBER 15-25th – California tour feat. Spencer Murray (flute)

NOVEMBER 13-15th – NERFA conference, video recording with Beehive Productions feat. Kaitlyn Raitz (cello) and Alec Spiegelman (clarinet/flute)

FEBRUARY 2016 – Sweden tour feat. Kaitlyn Raitz; west coast tour feat. Kaitlyn Raitz and Evan Stewart
Anh and Alan

It’s festival season!

We’re looking forward to camping at Blue Skies Music Festival, playing in our band’s birth-town at Montreal’s Festival Folk sur le Canal, floating down the river on canoes at Fiddles on the Tobique, and taking in the gorgeous scenery (and smell of sulphur! :P) from the hot springs at Harrison Festival Society. Can’t wait to get to know our new home-province better at Northern Lights Festival Boréal, Home County Music and Art Festival, Kingsville Folk Music Festival, Kincardine Summer Music Festival, and Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival, and to venture to Rhode Island for our first ever American festival, Rhythm and Roots Festival.

Tour Poster - Summer 2015

We’ll miss ya heaps, mates!

Goodbye Australia! It has been an incredible two months both here and in New Zealand. All the sunshine, kooky creatures, charming accents, marvy music, and friendly people have us smiling our faces off. We’ll miss ya heaps, mates!


FolkWords review by Tim Caroll

We love music. Thank you for the experience of music you all give us! And thank you Tim Carroll for writing such a beautiful review of our album Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet.

“This is a wholly organic album, the feeling of boundary-free interaction between instruments and musicians is palpable…The whole is a living, breathing experience.”
Thank you Loudon Temple at Bloody Great PR for getting our music over the Atlantic ocean to the UK!

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GRWF Album Art


Regional Finalists – CBC Searchlight

Wow! Thank you for all your clicking away. We made it to round three, Regional Finalists on CBC Searchlight! Congrats to our pals as well who made it: Murder Murder, Annie Sumi, Sin and Swoon, Irish Mythen, Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Mike McKenna Jr, Sweet Alibi, Les Poules A Colin, Katie Avery, and SHYRE.

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We’ll sit down and record some more fiddle tunes today in Wellington, New Zealand.

This round determines top 10 in the region, and then it’s onto adjudicators Jenn Grant, Dan Boeckner, and Saukrates to determine the national winner!


New Lyric Video + CBC Searchlight Update

Time flies – tomorrow at 3 pm (EST) is the last opportunity to vote for us in the CBC #Searchlight contest (vote for The Bombadils on CBC #Searchlight here – all you have to do is click!)

Just in time to help support the final push for our song ‘Portrait,’ Sarah’s sister Mary has put her artistic talents to work, creating an illustrated lyric sheet – which can be viewed on YouTube along with the music. We hope you enjoy!

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