We’ll miss ya heaps, mates!

Goodbye Australia! It has been an incredible two months both here and in New Zealand. All the sunshine, kooky creatures, charming accents, marvy music, and friendly people have us smiling our faces off. We’ll miss ya heaps, mates!


FolkWords review by Tim Caroll

We love music. Thank you for the experience of music you all give us! And thank you Tim Carroll for writing such a beautiful review of our album Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet.

“This is a wholly organic album, the feeling of boundary-free interaction between instruments and musicians is palpable…The whole is a living, breathing experience.”
Thank you Loudon Temple at Bloody Great PR for getting our music over the Atlantic ocean to the UK!

CBC ‪#‎Searchlight‬ voting continues until 3 p.m. ET on Monday, April 27 to decide the champion from each region!

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GRWF Album Art


Regional Finalists – CBC Searchlight

Wow! Thank you for all your clicking away. We made it to round three, Regional Finalists on CBC Searchlight! Congrats to our pals as well who made it: Murder Murder, Annie Sumi, Sin and Swoon, Irish Mythen, Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Mike McKenna Jr, Sweet Alibi, Les Poules A Colin, Katie Avery, and SHYRE.

You can vote for all of them! (Or any 5 in each region).
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We’ll sit down and record some more fiddle tunes today in Wellington, New Zealand.

This round determines top 10 in the region, and then it’s onto adjudicators Jenn Grant, Dan Boeckner, and Saukrates to determine the national winner!


New Lyric Video + CBC Searchlight Update

Time flies – tomorrow at 3 pm (EST) is the last opportunity to vote for us in the CBC #Searchlight contest (vote for The Bombadils on CBC #Searchlight here – all you have to do is click!)

Just in time to help support the final push for our song ‘Portrait,’ Sarah’s sister Mary has put her artistic talents to work, creating an illustrated lyric sheet – which can be viewed on YouTube along with the music. We hope you enjoy!

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New Zealand

We just landed in New Zealand and were greeted in the airport with some beautiful Maori music. Hoping we can press some noses together as part of the Maori tradition.
And the country side is just as breathtaking as people have said it would be. Looking forward to this next part of the adventure!

Tonight, April 17, we’re at Palmerston North Folk Music Club, 8pm
April 18: Wellington Bluegrass Society, Wellington, NZ, 8pm
April 19: Dome Cineman, Gisborne, NZ, 7pm
April 22: Sarah’s birthday!!
April 23: The Free House, Nelson, NZ, 8pm
April 25: Lyttelton Farmers Market, Christchurch, NZ, 1pm
April 26: The New Edinburgh Folk Club, Dunedin, NZ 7:30 (open mic), The Bombadils at 8:30 PM
More details here: thebombadils.com/tour


Remember to vote for The Bombadils on CBC #Searchlight – all you have to do is click!


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Round 2 CBC Searchlight: Regional Semi-finalists

We are thrilled to have made it to the 2nd round of CBC Searchlight – regional semi-finalists. Thank you all for your support and your votes! This round is a quick one, goes until April 21st. Then top 10 in each region will be announced. So let’s keep it going! If you’d like to vote for The Bombadils, all you have to do is click:


Sign up for daily “reminder to vote” emails here (comes with a daily fiddle tune): http://bit.ly/1EOC6wU

Last Day to Vote for CBC Searchlight!

We’re getting close to the end of round one! Thanks for all the votes. Let’s keep it going. Vote here: http://music.cbc.ca/cbcsearchlight/?id=287645
Here is a little write up we recently submitted to CBC ‪#‎Searchlight‬ about the song we submitted:
WE ARE THE BOMBADILS! We are named Luke (guitar/ mandolin), Sarah (fiddle/banjo), Anh (flute/harmonica) and Alan (upright bass). We all sing too. Anh and Sarah became friends at McGill music frosh and eventually became room mates. They bought an IKEA bunk bed and built it a 4 AM after a late gig. But then Luke and Sarah got married last August, so Anh got the boot. She likes having her own room now anyway. She and Alan are known to have late night adventures called the “tram-pal” shenanigans, like diving into the coldest lake in Sweden at 6 AM after pull an all-nighter. (Tram= Anh’s middle name, and Alan is Al-pal!)
LATELY, WHEN WE ARE NOT PLAYING MUSIC we are swinging on the monkey bars at playgrounds, or reading books out loud in the tour van. Next on our reading list is Cloudstreet by Tim Winton, to guide us on our journey through Australia, where we are currently touring.
We started performing as a band about 6 years ago, playing maritime tunes in the pubs of Montreal by night, studying at McGill by day. When we graduated from school we got the tour bug and have been smitten with the beautiful people we encounter on our travels. Music freezes time, captures special moments, and helps us dwell in the preciousness of life, one song at a time.
THE SONG WE SUBMITTED is inspired by our interest in photography – another art form that captures special moments and frames the details that might otherwise buzz by. Each verse is a snapshot of someone in different stages of life. There’s a poem called “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” by Walt Whitman that spoke to Luke as he wrote the lyrics of this song. In that poem, Whitman speaks to future generations, even after he has passed on. He says that just as we mill about the streets of bustling cities, so did he. As we enjoy the sunset and the ebb and flow of the tide, so did he. There are some things about the human experience that never change.
Take my portrait, I’m a little boy
With deep brown eyes and these cheeks of rose
Playing a game wherever I go
Lost in a world that no one knows
My sail is yet unfurled
Take my portrait, I’m a young man
With a strong back and a fire inside
A clear gaze and a hurried stride
And a beautiful lady by my side
I’m off to sail the world
Take my portrait, I’m an old man
In this rocking chair, bathed in fireside light
My bones they ache on this winters night
But to know I’ve truly lived my life
And not misspent a grain of sand
Keep my portrait, I’m a memory-
Laid to rest beneath the soil
Away from life’s tears and strife and toil
I’ve lived and loved, felt pain and joy
Now dead leaves fall where I sleep
Fond memories I pray you keep
Life is short so please don’t weep

The Best Day!

We had a crazy fun day with Vince and Judy from The Music Shack​! We ran into tons of kangaroos (they’re everywhere and man are their legs massive!) and Snottygobbles (a tree with little snotty fruit) in the woods. We visited Kelly at Barrecas Wines​ and she let us taste some sweet, sweet wine. Then we drove to Gnomesville where thousands of gnomes reside. We brought along a gnome and helped him move into Gnomesville. Headed over to Apple Funpark in Donnybrook​, the best playground we’ve ever laid eyes/played on. Crazy slides, sick rope webs, rock climbing walls, and flying foxes (just to name a few). Then we had a laugh attack at the supermarket, drove home, and had ice cream for dinner (alongside Vince and Judy’s delicious dinner that included nutrients and vitamins and stuff that ice cream may not necessarily have). Pictures to come we swear. But in the meantime, here are some bats. Woah, they were just chilling there!

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Thanks friends! <3