1) Bicycle [4:02]

BPM 120 ~ F Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200002 

“Bicycle" is about the momentum I felt when I moved across the country at 19 to live in Montreal and make a life in music. Luke and I connected throughout our 20s…

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2) Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming [4:22]

BPM 88 ~ E Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200003 

No matter who you are, life brings its struggles, worries, and conflict. Yet sun and leaves make dappled light, rivers flow, people heal, and forgive, and beauty has a way of nudging…

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3) Through and Through [3:30]

BPM 58 ~ D Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200004

With "Through and Through," we picture the kind of love where big dreams come to life and the world shines in technicolour. Our coastal hometown of Halifax, Canada makes its way into…

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4) Losing Track of Time [5:15]

BPM 85 ~ C Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200001  

Sometimes, the stars align, our guards come down, and we connect more deeply with someone than we knew we could. The spark of light within another's heart is seen even if only…

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5) Heartbeat [2:50]

BPM 90 ~ G Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200005  

In keeping with the album name, Dear Friend, "Heartbeat" came about as I responded to a grieving friend who shared some very personal and difficult news over email (he lives across the…

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6) Records and Rent [3:03]

BPM 114 ~ C Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200006

Luke and I read 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith a while back, and in it Patti describes how artists living at the Chelsea Hotel would sometimes be permitted to pay their rent…

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7) Dangling Like Keys [3:57]

BPM 120 ~ A Minor ~ ISRC: CA7W42200007 

Where there are love songs, surely there are heartbreak songs. Throughout the pandemic lockdowns, we found ourselves thinking about the people that mean the most to us. Mostly, there's gratitude, but inevitably…

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8) Sepia [4:16]

BPM 72 ~ C Minor and C Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200008  

“Sepia” is a song written out of concern for the Earth, our shared home. We offer it as well for anyone suffering the loss of home for any reason…

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9) Little Days [4:55]

BPM 85 ~ G Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200009

With "Little Days" we’re singing to our five-year-old daughter Felicity. She inspires us with her childlike wonder, but at the same time, there’s that little twinge of sadness that comes along with…

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10) Magnifying Glass [4:28]

BPM 72 ~ F# Minor ~ ISRC: CA7W42200010 

In this song, I'm thinking of those moments when you're hiding nothing - on your own, in front of nature, in prayer, or with another person who really accepts you as you…

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11) Dear Friend [5:31]

BPM 84 ~ C Major ~ ISRC: CA7W42200011

This one is written with far-away friends in mind, that we've met over the years of moving cities and travelling for music. It felt especially pertinent during pandemic lockdowns, when even local…

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