7) Dangling Like Keys [3:57]

BPM 120 ~ A Minor ~ ISRC: CA7W42200007 

Where there are love songs, surely there are heartbreak songs. Throughout the pandemic lockdowns, we found ourselves thinking about the people that mean the most to us. Mostly, there's gratitude, but inevitably, sometimes there's some regret, frustration, and confusion. "Dangling Like Keys" walks through memories of past relationships, strained friendships and tricky family dynamics. "Can I have my heart back please, and my secrets, dangling like keys?" In the end, we'd "rather love and lose than never love again." Hopefully we're getting a bit more wise as the years go by. :) 

This one is co-produced with multi-instrumentalist and composer Jayme Stone, and features bass accompaniment from Nashville's Ethan Jodziewicz (Milk Carton Kids, Sierra Hull).




I can't sleep at night, I lie in bed  

Watching shadows shift above my head  

On the wall where I should have seen the writing  

Silhouettes of branches twirl like smoke  

On the bench where I used to laugh at your jokes  

We lost ourselves in an illusion  

Can I have my heart back, please?  

And my secrets, dangling like keys  

I used to be an open book  

Now I can hardly find my page  

The maze of my mind spinning round  

The haze of the street lamps looking down  

Thought I could keep you if I gave a little more  

But that's not what love is really for  

We lost ourselves in the confusion  

Can I have my heart back, please?  

And my secrets, dangling like keys  

Snow blowin' in a cabin door  

I wanna push it closed forevermore  

But if I do that, how will the sun come forth, come the spring?  

It wasn't easy but it's what we've got  

I'd rather love and lose than never love at all  

I'd rather laugh and cry than be numb and dry  

I wanna feel it all  

So will you keep my heart safe, please?  

And my secrets, dangling like keys  



Song written by Sarah Frank  

Co-produced with Jayme Stone  

Additional production by Julia Graff and James Perrella  

vocals, banjo, fiddle - Sarah Frank  

vocals, electric guitar - Luke Fraser  

bass - Ethan Jodziewicz  

recording, mixing - Graeme Campbell  

mastering - J. LaPointe  

album art - Bee Stanton and Linda Wei-Chun  


One-Stop, The Bombadils Music,  



ISRC: CA7W42200007  

Instrumental version available,  

Female lead vocal with male harmonies,  

Electric guitar solo section,  

Banjo, strings  


sad, heartbreak, regret, letting go, moving on, healing, acceptance, learning to trust, RIYL Civil Wars, Sarah Jarosz, Patty Griffin, Rhiannon Giddens  

Composed and self-published by Sarah Frank (SOCAN) 100%  

Mastered owned by The Bombadils Music (Sarah Frank and Luke Fraser)

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