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Now We Have a Blog 

Hi there,

Welcome to the first blog post on our new website!

We look forward to keeping in touch in this way as we work on new music over the coming winter. We've been writing songs every chance we get, co-writing with fellow songwriters, and taking direction from our wonderful coach, Cari Cole. Our intention is to write 40 songs before we record our next album, so that we give ourselves a good chance to improve our writing skills and bring our very best songs to the next album. 

Later this week we'll be in Edmonton for the holidays, and will have the exciting opportunity to meet up with Evan Stewart, one of our favourite bass players, to work on some new music. We got to play with him at the spectacular Koerner Hall in Toronto a couple month ago, and it was an absolute dream. The whole experience left such an impression on us that we can still picture and feel it like it was yesterday. 

There's a lot more to write about but we'll start with short and sweet!

Looking forward to writing once a week. It will accompany our songwriting this winter in a really nice way. 

Thank you, as always, for supporting and enjoying our music, and for allowing us to share our love of music with you. 

-Sarah and Luke

The Bombadils