The bottle's nearly empty and the light is flickering low
There's candle wax on the table cloth and our cheeks are all a-glow
Our bodies, they are heavy but our spirits are feather light
It's come the time, as it always does, for all to say goodnight

How it ever gets to this, I guess I'll never know
We just can't stand to see it through and let each other go
The food was good, the drink it flowed, and my glass was always full
One goodbye should be enough but I guess it never will

Chorus: It's goodbye in the kitchen, So long in the hall,
Farewell on the front porch and don't forget to call
And before we know it, It's see you later in the the yard
How sweet it is to have a friend who makes goodbye so hard

Well I guess it's time to tip my hat and bid you all adieu
And Lord, He knows we've had laugh and a cry or two
It takes a minute to say hello but forever to say goodbye
'Guess I'll always take my time no matter how I try


Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Julia Graff and James Perrella in the McGill Multimedia Room

Produced by The Bombadils Julia Graff and James Perrella

Album art and design by Joe Latham at Lookhappy Design and Veronica Frank


Fiddle, banjo, voice - Sarah Frank
Guitar, mandolin, voice - Luke Fraser
Flute, Irish whistle, harmonica, voice - Anh Phung
Upright bass (Tracks 1, 3, 7-11), voice - Alan Mackie
Upright bass (Tracks 2, 4-6) - Evan Stewart


© & ℗ 2014 The Bombadils Music
All Rights Reserved.