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LOSING TRACK OF TIME ~ A New Song! ~ on human connection and budding friendship 

Jan 21, 2022 ~ Hello, it's Sarah! Luke and I are excited to share a new song written by us and Ben Plotnick, and featuring the wonderful playing of Ellen Gibling Music (harp) and Patrick Reid (bass). It is officially out now, along with a beautiful lyric video:

With everything going on in the world, it almost seems silly to share a song about something so simple as chatting with someone on a bus. But it's more than that, it's a connection with another human being, a moment of vulnerability, and a reminder of what life is all about. In the case of this song, it takes place with someone who would eventually become a good friend of ours, his wife and kids too. I had the chance to ask this friend about it after the fact, and he said, yes, he also felt a freedom he had not felt in a long time. Maybe it was the fact that we had just played a concert together, maybe it was the darkness eliminating any need to think about eye contact, or maybe it was the hour-long bus ride creating a time capsule away from distractions - but somehow we became strikingly present to one another. To share this with a man, in a world where women sadly can assume that a man could be looking to take more than he should, adds to the beauty of it all and I felt grateful to feel safe and treasured as a friend. For this, I say thank you to my dear bus-ride friend. I am so glad to have gotten to know him and his family, and that we could start off witnessing something so personal of each other. 

Banjo, voice - Sarah Frank 

Guitars, voice - Luke Fraser 

Harp - Ellen Gibling 

Bass - Patrick Reid 

Recording, mixing - Graeme Campbell 

Mastering - J. LaPointe 

Artwork - Veronica Chih Ming Frank 

Animation - Meaghan Smith 

Video/text editing - Sarah Frank 

We acknowledge and thank The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (FACTOR) and Music Nova Scotia for their support, and Leaf Music for distribution, label services, and ongoing awesomeness.

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