1. Silver Linings

Produced by James Perrella and Julia Graff

Written and self-published by Sarah Frank (SOCAN) 50% and Luke Fraser (SOCAN) 50%

banjo, lead vocals - Sarah Frank
mandolin - harmony vocals - Luke Fraser

recording, mixing - James Perrella, Julia Graff
mastering - Graemme Brown


The sun is playing shy behind the clouds
Something's got her hiding from the crowds
Heavy hanging, black as ash
Wincing with each lightning crash
Cover your ears, it's just too much

The weight of the world hangs in the sky
I'm sleepwalking to a crooked lullaby
The fog blurs the trees and suffocates the sea
Cover your eyes, it's just too much

There are silver linings, silver threads
From white clouds, white beds
Drapes that quiver through the room
A winding river, a sailing tune
Filling the cracks in our broken hearts
With the light of a new start
Tracing the tracks of our broken starts
To the light of a new heart

Don't look at me like this mother
I've been spat on by storm clouds one after the other
I'm hurting and I'm fragile
I'm trying to seem casual
Cover your heart, it's just too much

I'm beat as the bones in an old graveyard
Thought I had thick skin but I hadn't yet been scarred
Lines run down my face
Running away from grace, running for cover to feel safe

But my ears want to listen, my eyes want to see
My heart wants to feel what it's like to be free
Maybe the lines drawn on my face
Can draw me back to grace
Uncover your ears
Uncover your eyes
Uncover your heart